America Is In Trouble

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The United States Federal law, as we are discovering, is very clear about selling body parts from aborted babies; and

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Monroe Sheldon’s 1896 book “In His Steps”,  is the fictional story of a challenge by way of a stranger’s death. It is impressed upon a

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Our Common Enemy The Federal Reserve System
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This book is intended to persuade readers that the American money and banking system was designed as a wealth transfer

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pray for police
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The LA Times article was written at 8:36am, however, by 9:11 they had woven other stories within the article. The

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ten commandment article
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Confidence in a man, a government, a leader is only as good as their character…their word. So how does this

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Armenian Genocide Centennial March. April 24, 2015 Los Angeles
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As of 2015 , the governments of twenty-four countries, including Russia, France, as well as forty-three states of the United

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Pogo Sticks in DC
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Merriam Webster’s online  article “Top 10 Words from Trademarks”.  exampled “pogo” as  a trademarked word, which became unprotected.  The history is

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A recent news blast about a Kentucky Senator avoiding arrest for a DUI is generating much comment, stirred on by

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Is Brad Sherman Unaware Supporting Freedom of Speech Is Part of His Oath of Office? Why would Brad Sherman author a

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coffee cuup
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Why has Obama chosen to gamble with his executive power, while in Vegas, instead of directing Congress to address the

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