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A brief illustrated book in PDF format, OUR COMMON ENEMY describes our country’s monetary system, its origins and effects and tells us in plain language why we cannot solve the economic crisis America faces without a complete reform of the present system.

OUR COMMON ENEMY is an intriguing survey of what many major figures in our history have said regarding money and banking as well as a layman’s guide to understanding the destructive economic effects of an elastic monetary system.

In this short book you will find out…

  • Who created the Federal Reserve System and why they created it.

  • How the Federal Reserve System creates money, rising prices, economic booms and economic busts.

  • Why the Federal Reserve System is a wealth transfer and wealth capture system.

  • How the Federal Reserve System is a prescription for socialism.

  • How the Federal Reserve System amounts to an insider trading scheme.

  • How the Federal Reserve System caused our nation’s economic crisis.

  • Why famed international investor, Jim Rogers recently called the US Dollar “a terribly flawed currency”; why Rogers said that though Alan Greenspan was revered during his tenure, many people now realize he was “a sham at best”; why Rogers predicted that the “central bank will collapse because it is so absurd what they are doing at the Federal Reserve”; and why Rogers said that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke could end our financial crisis by simply abolishing the Federal Reserve System.

  • How and with what the banking elite intend to replace the Federal Reserve System.

  • The ultimate goals of the Federal Reserve System and other central banks worldwide.

  • Why, under the current system, America can’t get out of debt even if the government tried.

  • What fractional reserve banking is and why it must be abolished.

  • Why the founding fathers and some of the greatest figures in American history opposed any such central banking system in control of the issuance and supply of money.

  • How the Federal Reserve’s destructive policies can be overcome by merely repealing unconstitutional legal tender laws which force us all to use only the continually depreciating Federal Reserve Note as legal money.

  • How Americans can pay off the entire national debt in 18 months and return to true prosperity by simply changing our money and banking system.

  • Why doing nothing will lead to the end of American independence, prosperity and liberty.
Our Common Enemy
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