This snippet from a recent social media post is heart wrenching

BUT in light of the largest domestic Meth Bust in DEA History occurring within Southern California, negligence needs to be addressed

Usually the comments on neighborhood social media groups, dealing with evidence and effects of opioid addiction and its overlapping problems with the homeless of our community, can be categorized into disdain, testimonial, and solution seeking. This snippet from a Thursday post on Facebook is heart wrenching as it details how far reaching this crisis is affecting us in the west San Fernando Valley, in the 30th Congressional district.

While the obvious response, two weeks away from the conclusion of the 2020 election, would be to lay some responsibility with the long-term incumbent; BUT in light of the largest domestic Meth Bust, in DEA History occurring within a hundred miles of the San Fernando Valley, the issue and solution suddenly demands accountability and a solution.

As the level of corruption, within the gov’t of Mexico, is revealed it is more obvious some of the blame for the problem must lie within the Congressional Committees which have been lax in addressing the traffic of drugs coming across our border.

One of the most obvious means to address this kind of FOREIGN invasion is the House Committee on Foreign Affairs of which Brad Sherman, the Congressman of this district, leverages a horrendous amount of power. And yet no mention can be found in the Congressional Record by him of the Sinaloa Cartel. The Cartel responsible for the Meth found in Southern California AND untold deaths of Americans without a shot fired, but more horrendously a slow death from opioid addiction.

Sherman vainly deems himself worthy to be named Chair of the House -but this recent bust solidifies reason for him to be removed from the Committee and consideration for Chair.

While he has decided he should be handed his Congressional Seat every two years THIS YEAR voters can ensure he no longer has access to the State Department, international government dignitaries, AND the coveted and powerful chairmanship of the House Committee of Foreign Affairs. Voters can simply vote for Sherman’s REPUBLICAN opponent.