Mayor Bloomberg and Congressman Sherman admit to buying elections

Did they mirror Oprah’s famous car giveaway chant “You get a car” ? Or was there a caveat: “You get money and you get money BUT I want…”

During the Democratic Presidential candidate debates February 26th, Mayor Bloomberg said  “They talk about 40 Democrats, twenty-one of those are people that I spent $100 million to help elect,” and then said “All of the new Democrats that came in put [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi in charge and gave Congress the ability to control this president.”

He added: “I bought — I uh, got them.”

Twitter was ablaze. DID HE REALLY SAY THAT?

“Wow!!! He’s admitting he BOUGHT those seats! OMG!” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted.

Then there was the question ” How was Mike Bloomberg allowed to buy a commercial during the Dem Debate?”  

BUT STOP THE PRESS.  Bloomberg isn’t the only one funneling money to candidates.   Congressman Sherman made three in person appearances at public townhall meetings in 2019. When questioned about his MILLION DOLLAR campaign war chest, on January 19th, 2019,  which obviously was not being spent campaigning in his district, he voluntarily admitted it was going to candidates across the country. 

So Bloomberg the billionaire and Brad Sherman the Congressman are pulling the same antics.

Brad Sherman loans money to his campaign and has not reported the interest he is accumulating.

Brad Sherman is able to afford a vacant house in his district while he lives out of state.

Brad Sherman shows up in his district two maybe three times a year. But actively pursues closed meetings with employees of major corporations and non-voting high school students.

Perhaps the entitlement associated with receiving campaign money is enough reason to call for an  audit by way of voting the Congressman out of office.