Absentee Representation vs Constitutional Limitations

Repeated illegal dumping throughout the community has residents appealing local elected officials to help or should a Congressman intervene?

Recent reports on social media about illegal trash dumping of large items behind the property of a senior center and truckloads of industrial and construction waste dumped onto a private site off Woolsey Cyn have generated diverse comments for a solution.

While the illegal dumping of mattresses and other large items onto a vacant lot or parking lot at night is assumed to be the residue of a homeless encampment; the city typically cleans up an encampment after the campers have disbursed. However, the city had found an equal number of trash dumping is the result of business owners not willing to pay for the service. The resolution of this problem has no jurisdiction with any legislation by the Federal government or Congress, outside of FUNDING to support a program for homeless or an emergency solution for removal of trash.

However, it is possible because at one time Woolsey Cyn was a private road and may still be, and because the toxicity of the Santa Susana Field Lab properties have had the attention of the GSA, NASA, DTSC, and the Federal Courts – it is possible because further contamination of the area would hinder, confuse, and exaggerate the clean-up process – it is possible a Congressman interested in the safety of his district; such as the humans, vegetation, animals, and soil, would find a way to fund or at a minimum install safety checks to limit traffic going through Woolsey Canyon. Clearly the recent accident with the Walmart truck In the vicinity Valley Circle and Box Canyon is proof an overloaded truck on Woolsey Canyon could increase the potential of another massive fire in the canyon.

The role of the Federal Government has appropriately been limited by the Constitution in favor of a Representative Government. However, if the Representative is missing from their district in favor of securing international conversations and negotiations, it is sufficient reason to terminate their assignment. That option is presented every two years, at the ballot box.