Voter Apathy: Planned Distraction and Distortion. The New Ten Percenters

10% of W SFV residents determine who legislates how big the bite taxes will have in your budget and how much more debt DC will incur. WHY?

Was the 25% LA County voter turn out a result of voter apathy or lack of personalization?

Is it possible the message, politicians are jamming (or in the case of Brad Sherman NO MESSAGE – NO MEDIA COVERAGE) down the throat of voters, is not applicable therefore it is ignored.

A marketing article can be used to explain the inability for voters to equate candidate selection with reduced or increased taxes (depending on said candidate).

In other words, fundamentally what legislators do is increase or decrease yours or my taxes. Yet no one says it this succinctly.

A carefully crafted message of community rather than individualism has taken the NEED to vote, away from the mindset of Americans. The barrage of noise by the media (including irrational, inappropriate, irrelevant news) has caused people to shut down.

“If you’re at a party with dozens of people chatting around you, you’ll likely find that you can easily ignore or tune out of those conversations. They’re just background noise. But, as soon as someone says something that is of particular interest to you, you will magically tune into that specific conversation. The important information will, thanks to your RAS (brain’s reticular activating system), rise above the noise.”

So did anyone notice there needs to be some accountability by the incumbent of his

  • inordinately lower personal property taxes
  • cut and paste efforts to produce an endorsement a week before the election date
  • capitalizaing on other legislators actions and legislative efforts
  • pronouncing the outcome of his election within 50 minutes of the close of voting? Even calling it at 60% which mysteriously seems to be the magic number term after term; no matter how much is spent (ie in excess of $10 million in 2012) or who opposes him.

Lastly: Will the incumbent participate and aid the efforts of other legislators, who won’t be returning in January, to push through lame-duck legislation with no fear of repercussions or accountability?

California’s 30th Congressional district has 744,617 people ( Less than 100,000 voted Nov 4th. Roughly 12% of the residents of the district voted and 64% of those voted for the incumbent. LESS THAN 10% of the people are determining how much taxes you will have imposed by way of legislation, how much more debt DC will incur, how much more or less freedom you will have to run your business or family or household. TEN PERCENT? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

This article was originally posted on ThePatch to benefit Candidate Mark Reed.