Where Are 26,602 Veterans the Congressman Didn’t Survey?

Thoughts about investigative Reporter Katherine Russ challenging the merit of Brad Sherman’s veteran survey

An article released Friday 10/24/14 by local investigative reporter solidifies what has long been known by Veterans and about the 9 term incumbent.

He has no interest in the health and welfare of Veterans.

Back in 2012, Congressional Candidate Mark Reed asked the question (when the Sepulveda VA was in the incumbent’s district)

What has he brought back to the main and most important facility in his district? The Sepulveda VA. 

We went to war in 2001 he has had nine years to bring money back but yet since 2005 he brags about bringing money back for the expansion of the 405 freeway. He brags about bringing money back for the Santa Monica Mountains. He brags about bringing money back for small clinics in the Valley. Our military is what actually supports and backs up our documents everybody loves to claim in its power; the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution. They’re just pieces of paper, without our volunteer military going out there and defending freedom, wherever it is attacked, not just here in the United States…”

Please take a look at Katherine’s article 

“RUSS REPORT- Orlov’s piece is factually inaccurate ….

Truth is, over four million residents, Neighborhood Councils, Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) and Civic organizations called for the VA to restore the Sepulveda facility back to a full service Hospital to accommodate the medical needs of veterans and returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“A survey of just 150 veterans, where just 71% say they were happy with services received from the VA, should have raised “red flags” as to the legitimacy of Sherman’s survey. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that Sherman’s poll was nothing more than pre- election “hogwash.”

In Feb 2014, Oliver Mitchell, a Marine veteran and former patient services assistant at the WLAVA Medical Center, told reporters,

“I actually filed a complaint with the VA [Inspector General] IG and the office of special counsel. The IG requested if I had any documentation. They wanted names. I gave them [about] a thousand names. The list I turned into the IG went all the way back to 1997. I filed the initial complaint with the IG. … The IG instead of doing their own investigation just gave it to the facility and made them aware of my complaint.”

Mitchell lost his job. In fact, many “whistleblowers” lost their jobs or were demoted with cuts in pay. Sherman did not fight for Mitchell- or anyone employed by the VA with the courage to speak out against the abuses of veterans.