ISIS Conflict: Is It Really Just An Old Cowboy Fight With White Hat vs Black Hat?

Why would a Congressman belittle America’s understanding of ISIS and the role of Congress to UPHOLD the Constitution?

Brad Sherman is identified as the top Democrat on Terrorism by CSPAN – Washington Journal Tuesday Sept. 9, 2014.

Brad Sherman’s interview includes his advice to fellow Democrat, President Obama, as far as our alignment with other nations to combat the ISIS terror network:

” If you destroy one power in the Middle East, you empower the other side. The four groups that are fighting ISIS now are in many ways nearly as evil as ISIS itself. And, in fact, those who are fighting against ISIS today on the ground have killed far more Americans than Isis has.”

Someone needs to inform the Congressman of the NATO Summit in Wales, where the President only managed to convince nine of the 28-member nations to join the US-led effort to combat the ISIS terror network in Iran and Syria. Even if Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates joined the mini-coalition, it pales in comparison to the 18 nations of the 2003 coalition, or even the Persian Gulf War, with 39 countries.

Then Brad Sherman mocks the seriousness of the situation, calling it black hat and white hat, 1950’s-style TV, or Spaghetti Westerns. He continues with his advice, to the President, of what to say when addressing the nation on Wednesday Sept. 10, 2014.

The interview continues:


If you were advising the President what would be the strategy that you would endorse.

I think he has to respond to his critics who oversimplified the situation dramatically and played to an American public that’s used to watching old western movies where you have only the black hat and the white hat in the western movie. So if you kill the guy with the black hat, the white hat rides off in the sunset with the school marm. Assad is not a school marm. Al Nusra is not a school marm

Clearly, the Congressman is not fully engaged with advice from anyone in the military if he is using this condescending vocabulary when speaking to the American public, and when discussing the strategy and brave actions of the finest military in the World.

The forces that will be — that will be — that will rise is — if ISIS is destroyed are nearly as evil as ISIS. I hope that the President will put Congress on the spot and ask for a authorization to use force because as important as it is to work for good governance in the Middle East, we’ve got to respect the United States Constitution.

The suggestion to respect the US Constitution is inaccurate. Congress and the President are called upon, they have sworn an oath, to UPHOLD the Constitution.

It is not a given that our Constitutional structure can be ignored, and degraded, and pulled apart. And that somehow the society will be able to face tougher times than we face now without it completely unraveling.

Interviewer: What should that authorization look like?

It should provide authorization to use air power and air power alone. The President would still have the authority he has under the war powers act to conduct up to 60 day incursions on the ground and the only real use for those I see would be to rescue a pilot.

It is time to replace the representation in the 30th Congressional District.