July 4th Giveaway: Flags and Citizenship

Brad Sherman: Yet somehow he has managed to NEVER say anything about the immigration issues………other than tap dance with comb in hand and whistling for someone to help him out in a crowd of inquiring voters.

The uprising of citizens in Murrieta over the not-so-sudden-but-now-we-noticed  influx of political leveraging  (aka children and citizens of other countries coming across the border in hordes with no invitation)  over the past days was preventable.

The biggest questions, regarding scores of people boldly walking past our border, have been 

  • Income (can they support themselves) – so California sent a message RAISE MINIMUM WAGE to $9
  • Housing (where will they live) – so California sent a message via the Federal Government WE WILL PROVIDE ESCORT SERVICE (On January 29, 2014, the Federal Government posted an ad on their BizOpps website seeking escorts for unaccompanied  children crossing the border illegally.)
  • Legal Status (how do we get around the fact you have NO documentation of your identity) – we’ll start our own ID program (drivers licenses)  BINGO!  You are an American kinda– because we declared you so….in the holding facility for undocumented people who have crossed the border illegally

How was this preventable.  It has been 20 years since the last time we declared amnesty for groups of people who had arrived here without an invitation (which is basically what documentation to cross the border is – an invite from everyone already here..everyone who pays taxes…everyone who has a vested interest in maintaining a healthy economy).

So in 20 years both Democrats and Republicans have each had the majority.  The Presidency has been occupied by both a Republican and a Democrat.

The West SFV has had representation by one person for 18 of those 20 years and he has done NOTHING.

  SHAME ON BRAD SHERMAN the local Congressman. You have made NO EFFORTS to resolve the immigration or influx of undocumented.  The result? Greater risk at economically destabilizing the area.

  • BRAD SHERMAN HAS SAT ON HIS HANDS and had three bills submitted/passed in 9 terms, two being the naming of a post office and the third had to do with emergency residency status.
  • Yet somehow he has managed to get elected anyone who becomes his aide Gatto, Blumenfield, Dababnah.
  • Yet somehow he has managed to get elected over and over again with  the same percentage – year after year – even if he had to plunk down a MILLION DOLLARS (loaned to the campaign at unknown interest).
  • Yet somehow he has managed to NEVER say anything about the immigration issues………other than tap dance with comb in hand and whistling for someone to help him out in a crowd of inquiring voters.

So call the influx and resulting uproar in Murrieta exactly what it is: POLITICAL LEVERAGING during the week of Independence Day recognition and celebration.  The citizens are demanding the US Congress (NOT THE PRESIDENT) attend to this issue.  Yes citizenship is granted to US serviceman (many were children as their parents crossed the border) as gratitude for their service – and rightly so. But the children on the buses are being deposited into America as DOCA entitlement.

Furthermore, Brad Sherman the next time you decide to give a flag to one of your largest donors (albeit they did sponsor the Fourth of July event in Woodland Hills) keep in mind there were probably at least 500 VETERANS in the audience, who bravely risked their life in the service for this country   

  •  Congressman Sherman is demeaning the US Flag at public events in order to stand before the crowd.   
  • Congressman Sherman is demeaning and devaluing US citizenship by your lack of efforts to resolve the immigration and border issues.