Education: Remove Fed Gov’t

Education needs to be returned to State and Local communities.  The fallacy of Federal intrusion in public education via reduced or free meal services, is the number of children benefiting; it is not even 30%.  The method of determining qualification should be scrutinized, NOT FOR EXCLUSION but for ABUSE.  Exaggeration!  Using children to pad the need in order to justify Federal control of Education.

The  Federal Government has created a log jam in the education of our next generation; they have burdened teachers with more time spent on reporting statistics than teaching.  Whether you call it Common Core, No Child Left Behind, or whatever the next fiasco is called,  the Federal Government needs to be removed from the process of education and return all powers and legislation to the States.

The lucrative breakfast program which ONLY SERVES 29% of the students

  • Is a source for extra revenue for the school district
  • Is a source of questionable accounting in that  instructional minutes are being designated for students eating breakfast!!