Representing or Misrepresenting? Time for Accountability in 30th Congressional District

Let us go back to the tried and true methods of a solid manufacturing base in our land, less taxes, and less government entanglements all for the future growth and stability of this great nation. And protect Individualism!

Two recent events reflect the results of Congressional misrepresentation, of the West San Fernando Valley, by long term incumbent Representative Brad Sherman.

 Once again Congressman Sherman stymies any efforts to help job growth or even retention of industry in America and the SFV,  by voting AGAINST HR 2575  Save American Workers Act of 2014.

 Despite his best efforts to publicize himself as preventing government waste, creating energy independence, and protecting jobs in America.  His vote AGAINST (correction) HR 2824 “Preventing Government Waste and Protecting Coal Mining Jobs in America” speaks volumes  over what he says or writes in his Townhall/political mailers.

Congressman Sherman’s antics, ethics, and methods are benefiting the expansion of a global economy while destroying ours and the potential for hope and employment.   Specifically and locally, we have lost our FOUR automobile manufacturers, aerospace design and manufacturing, and the dynamic technology (medical and computer) industry. We have traded our moniker as “peripheral valley”, as we were once called in the 1980’s, for what? Crime and unemployment statistics.   The combined lack of concern and efforts, coupled with counterproductive legislation to even grow,  let alone stabilize the departure of, manufacturing jobs  by both city officials and Congressman Brad Sherman  have resulted in fewer opportunities for anyone in the work force.

How, you ask? 

1.    The lack of judgment or a deliberate compromise to protect our borders over the past twenty years (after we had given millions of people amnesty) has resulted in one nation (Mexico)  unjustly becoming the only face for  undocumented people in America.  Never mind the scores of people from other parts of the world, illegally entering our country with only one intention:  to undermine the value of immigration and the safety of anyone living in America.   While many undocumented workers  are contributing via payroll taxes the antagonism created because we  lack a cohesive work program, or competent immigration reform has caused a neighboring country to be viewed less worthy than the Asian nations manufacturing what used to be made in America.      

Many smaller manufacturers, contractors, and  service industries were pushed in a corner as they were ineffective to compete with lower cost imported products, or obtrusive regulations. The years some of these employers succumbed to the lure of illegal and profitable practices, as they readily accepted workers willing to take cash  to “work under the table”,  created not only an underground economy but a lower standard of living and less hope for young Americans coming out of College. Those new voters cried for “hope and change”.  

 2.    The lack of judgment or deliberate compromise to look the other way by the Congressman,  as corporation after corporation fled America for cheap labor in Asia where ethical labor practices and environmental caution were of no concern.  The end result, a moral culpability for the environmental trash and smog we have forced Asia to swallow in order for management and executives and shareholders of Corporate America to have not a few more nickels but millions in their pockets.  Millions available to fund Pacs and SuperPacs for Congress to get re-elected year after year. As the mantra “hope and change” was chanted to new voters the back door deals were destroying the hope and keeping ALL the change.

 3.    Lastly, a recent news report should bring home the reality of job loss in America:  Mexico’s auto industry claims to have overtaken Japan as the SECOND biggest car exporter to the US in the past three months, trailing Canada.  Expectations are they will be the number one exporter of cars to America by 2015.    

 These issues of borders flooded with undocumented immigrants, could have easily been averted if, in the interest of local stability, we had instead looked to the South and built up our neighbors, especially Mexico, rather than distant Asia with all its political and military diplomacy complications.  There would have never been a need for any undocumented immigrants to resort to the notorious coyote cartels or be enticed to come to America as the only means for opportunity.  The  antagonism because of a flooded  work force and strained  municipal infrastructures would have been non-existent.  We would have seen a mutual interest in a protected border, a border which would not be a gateway for terrorists intent on destruction of the Western World.

Furthermore, accountability for labor and environmental ethics would have been more visible, than it has been overseas thousands of miles away.  And so the devious tactics and results learned are being applied as Congressman Sherman and others tout another set of trade agreements, being Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Do we trust these  architects of all the trade agreements which have not benefited the average hardworking  American taxpayer? NO, and let that be a resounding NO at the ballot in June.     

 4.    The disappearance of manufacturing, equitable jobs, and affordable housing  are all consequences of  policies and ethics presumably without foresight and certainly with deliberate non-disclosure to the public.  

 HOWEVER, ever greater is the disappearance of the value of Individualism.  The idea of individualism has been compromised and strategically politicized to mean selfish instead of the true definition:   freedom to live where I want to live, to attain a better lifestyle, to stay where I am or choose  to not attain “middle-class” or “upper class” status, to become more or less educated, to have a different job which affords me comfort and security for my household and future generations.

 Communist Party Chairman Mao Tse Tsung (Zedung) said in 1955 “We must have faith in the masses and we must have faith in the Party. These are two cardinal principles.  If we doubt these principles, we shall accomplish nothing.”   Prior to this in 1937 he said “In class society everyone lives as a member of a particular class, and every kind of thinking, without exception, is stamped with the brand of a class”

ALL VERY polar opposite to our Nations’ tried and true foundational endorsement of individualism.  We are not masses or brand stamped classes.  We are individuals who CHOOSE to co-operate, who CHOOSE to work together, who CHOOSE to help each other, who CHOOSE to enlist in the armed forces, who CHOOSE to better ourselves, and the list goes on and on of examples.

 What is the solution?   Consider this summary of the beliefs of Machiavelli, Plato and countless other rationalizers of monopolization: accountability is best when it can be served in only one direction.

  • So when Congressman Brad Sherman does not disclose how much interest he earns on his personal campaign loans.
  • So when Congressman Brad Sherman sees it fitting to vote against efforts to bring jobs back to America.
  • So when Congressman Brad Sherman is not alarmed when the district has company after company departing to other states, while he is boondoggling off to Asia rather than working with AMERICAN businesses

 We have to say it is time to call for accountability

Let us go back to the tried and true methods of a solid manufacturing base in our land, less taxes, and less government entanglements all for the future growth and stability of this great nation.  Then you and I will have more time and resources for our traditional American and INDIVIDUAL responsibility to care for our community, the world, our neighbor, and family in their time of need.