“Come on Down” “And you get a refund…And you get a refund…And You get a refund”

The Stockholm Syndrome is evident here. Our Controllers….aka IRS aka happy-Congressmen-who-vote-for-bigger-government- and want you to believe the GOVERNMENT is your provider, are saying

The  recent Campaign PR on the Patch, submitted by mis-Representative Congressman Brad Sherman, “Does the IRS Owe you Money”  has  TWO  statements which need to be brought to your attention:

“For a struggling family, a thousand or even a few hundred dollars can help” said Congressman Sherman.

So why is this “struggling family” struggling?  Who are they?   Struggling because they are over-taxed?  Perhaps, Brad Sherman should spend 1/10th the time posting on ThePatch and  instead

  • make an effort to REDUCE the tax burden of struggling families. 
  • make an effort to REDUCE the deficit which will burden the next generation and perpetuate struggling families plight

Now here is the second and strangest statement about refunds in this PR piece, perhaps the biggest incentive to listen (or not) to the generous Congressman: 

 “Many low-and-moderate income workers qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, which can be worth nearly $6,000.  So even if you had zero federal income tax withheld from your paycheck, you may be entitled to a refund”  

“I encourage all eligible workers to file a return, said Sherman. “This is your money, and you should take advantage of it.”

The Stockholm Syndrome is evident  here.  Our controllers….aka IRS  aka happy-Congressmen-who-vote-for-bigger-government- and want you to believe the GOVERNMENT is your provider, are saying

a)     You should be so happy some of your money the IRS took off the top of your paycheck – before your tithe, before you paid the rent, before you fed the children….  Some of that,  you are going to get back (Remember it is CONGRESS and the IRS who determine how much they can TAKE).

b)    AND IF YOU utilize a clever CPA (aka such as suggested by CPA/Representative Brad Sherman) he will show you how to file EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT and having never had any taxes taken from your paycheck you get  A REFUND(by definition refund means you paid something) but a let’s call it a BONUS…FREE MONEY.

Keep in mind this “earned income tax credit” is tied to taxpayers with dependent children. Period.  Not all W2 workers diligently showing up every day to a grueling job.  Not Aunts and Uncles helping out their relatives. Not workers taking care of their parents after a 40+hour week.  Not any other category.  People supporting…educating…feeding the future of America  get an EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT.   Wonderful but the criteria for this EITC is not being verified.

 Wouldn’t life be simpler if we revised the tax code.  It is long over due to be completely overhauled. Maybe so Veterans and Caregivers had some of the benefits of those who have children.  Veterans are taking care of the future of America. Caregivers of elderly patients should have some consideration since they are honoring the elderly for their past contributions to society.  

And then if Congress would balance the budget so the taxes received paid for services and not interest on a huge debt we are burdening our children and grandchildren.  We could see the light of day…less taxes and a more efficiently run government by the people and for the people.