Oath of Office = Honor Promises To Veterans

Both oath takers, members of Congress and the Armed Forces, receive medical benefits and upon retirement from service benefits. AND this is exactly the point where the similarities end.

Each Representative elected or reelected must confirm their allegiance to the US Constitution by Oath of Office.

 California candidates, pursuant to recent court rulings, can opt out of a loyalty oath; confirming they have not been a member or part of an organization that advocates the overthrow of the government by force or violence or other unlawful means.

 Members of the Armed Forces take an allegiance to uphold the Constitution and their service, unlike elected members of government, also requires putting their very lives at risk as part of their “job description”. 

Both oath takers, members of Congress and the Armed Forces, receive medical benefits and upon retirement from service benefits.   AND this is exactly the point where the similarities end.

The members of the Armed Forces are putting their lives at risk to protect the freedom of those in Congress and those who cast their vote to elect the legislators, the citizens.

Therefore, it is our duty, as voters, to make sure our Representatives reflect our gratitude and not undermine benefits for the active members of the Armed Forces and Veterans.  The benefits of Representatives’ should not have higher value, attention, and protection over those of the active members of the Armed Forces and Veterans.

The Sepulveda VA, severely damaged 20 years ago during the Northridge Earthquake, was rebuilt to accommodate the medical needs and show our commitment to promises made and gratitude for the honor and service given by US Veterans. 

However,  the opportunity to usurp this vast piece of property, to not have a local facility for the ongoing influx of returning soldiers and new veterans has NOT been stopped by Congressman (not a veteran) Sherman while his own taxpayer funded medical and retirement benefits have not been devalued or unprotected.

History shows the process of a building-leasing fiasco was protested by Veterans and the community but given a deceptive, clandestine nod of approval by Congresman Sherman.  HOW you ask?

Congressman Sherman’s only objection to the illegal lease fiasco at the Sepulveda VA in 2007 was because the contract process had  not followed procedure, it was not transparent. However he never  objected to the actual content or project. He never listened to the objections by Veterans and Veteran organizations and the community. He never publicly acknowledged this fact:

The facility was not going to continue supplying vital medical services LOCALLY, as promised to the members of the Armed Forces and Vets when they enlisted.   

Even HR1642 sponsored by Sherman in May 2007 was consistent with his approval of the building conversions!!  However, somehow the bill never became law.  Because, in fact, it would have defunded the conversions!

So when he flip-flopped, in 2011, in support of cutting vets’ medical services and in favor of limited housing no one was wiser to his subtle (backdoor) approvals. 

Back in 2011, Mark Reed made an accurate assessment:

This lease violates that contract we have with our Veterans and their families.  Congressman Sherman misrepresented our Veterans and local residents by stating  without their knowledge that they strongly supported the project at the Veterans  Advisory Committee on Feb. 14, 2007. 

Furthermore, Mark Reed and others objected to the building fiasco because it would NOT remove one homeless Veteran from the streets of Los Angeles.  The catch qualifier?  Residents at the “vet” apartment complex must pay rent subject to a credit check.  Tell me: IF homeless veterans had rent money and good credit  WOULD THEY BE HOMELESS?

So here we are in 2014, an election year for US Congressman.  January 2015 they will take their oath of office,  to uphold the Constitution.    You have the opportunity to make sure Congressman Brad Sherman is not re-elected, so he DOES NOT TAKE THE OATH because voters said we have had enough of dishonoring promises, we have had enough of favoring and protecting benefits for Congressmen and not Veterans.