Brad Sherman: Checked out? Or a matter of Incompetence?

Checks and balances exist as an integral part of our system of government. When one of the entities that have been empowered to check the actions of another unit of the government fails in their duty, all Americans are placed in a position of jeopardy. Unchecked power in our system of government can be a very dangerous event.

Congressman Sherman recently admitted he lacks the intellect, resources, and knowledge to effectively execute his role as an overseer. As a member of the House Intelligence Committee he has been entrusted with this role along with other committee members, with the express purpose and duty to check and balance the power of the government intelligence agencies

Recently Congressman Sherman made a confession concerning his lack of knowledge of the activities of the NSA; he stated members of the Committee have access to intelligence but deciphering the material can be challenging without the aid of staff or counsel. Because of his admitted inabilities he has caused great embarrassment to our country and  has placed the liberty and security of EVERY AMERICAN at risk  

 Congressman Sherman should never have sought nor accepted a position on the House Intelligence Committee if he did not posses the qualifications to perform his duties adequately. Certainly if he had been a member of the private sector an admission such as the one he recently made would have resulted in termination.

During the recent hotly contested Congressional election, Sherman repeatedly assured the public his capabilities were equal if not superior to those of his opponent Congressman Berman. Congressman Berman, one of the most effective Congressman this country has ever seen in the area of foreign affairs, never stated he had a problem deciphering material necessary to comprehend and effectively execute his job as a Congressman.

In fact, Congressman Sherman’s excuse for his ineptitude, in his performance as an overseer, did not have any credence with other members in Congress as well. As reported in the National Journal, when hearing of this excuse, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid remarked “To complain that, ‘I didn’t know this was happening ‘ – we’ve had many, many meetings that have been both classified and unclassified. If they don’t come and don’t take advantage of this, they shouldn’t come and say they haven’t been aware of this.”  

 Senator Lindsey Graham stated with scorn “If you didn’t know, you got nobody to blame but yourself.”  

 An unprecedented number of Congressmen and Senators in Washington D.C. lined up to endorse Congressman Berman during his recent election against Congressman Sherman. With this recent revelation by Congressman Sherman, of his inability to perform his duties, the real reason of why so many members of Congress lined up against him has come to light. They were trying to send a message to the voters in the 30th District:  Congressman Sherman did not have the qualifications to do his job and having him in Congress existed as a threat to national security.

The members of Congress skipped over Congressman Sherman when they chose who should become the ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee. They chose ability over seniority. The reasons for this decision has now become abundantly clear as this country faces national embarrassment as a result of Congressman Sherman’s inability to do the job he has been elected to perform.