Fueling my anger at the pump!

California has incredible opportunity for fuel offshore and inland. Why does Congress Brad Sherman want to completely ban exploration?

With gas prices as unstable as they are and the Middle East as unstable as it is why would anyone continue to vote NO on the Keystone Pipeline? Well, Brad Sherman would and did. Our economy is still unstable and is vulnerable to fuel prices. The unemployment rate still needs to drastically improve throughout our nation and the jobs created by the pipeline would help in several states along with oil independence. California has over 200 years of fuel offshore and inland that Brad Sherman wants to completely ban from exploration! How insane is this? California is near bankruptcy. Who does he really care about? Certainly not the average person in his district, or his state, or his country. He cares solely about his campaign supporters of special interest. We need to put our interest before him and vote him out.

We need “Change We Can Trust”

Keystone Pipeline Approval – Final Passage – Vote Passed (241-175, 1 Present, 16 Not Voting) Returning to an issue from last Congress, the House passed a bill last week to force approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport diluted bitumen (or “tar sands”) from Canada through the American heartland to refining facilities on the Gulf Coast. Approval of pipelines do not normally spark so much controversy, but Keystone requires presidential approval because it crossed an international boundary, thus placing President Obama in the middle of a fight that places labor unions and environmentalists, two of his key constituencies, on opposing sides. H.R. 3 would seek to remove Obama from the approval process by declaring a presidential permit was not a necessity. It would deem various documents and reports that have been issued b federal and state entities over the last two years as satisfying the various regulatory thresholds to begin construction of the pipeline. It would essentially cut the Environmental Protection Agency out of the oversight process, and would force the Army Corps of Engineers to issue construction permits within 90 days of an application being filed. The president has threatened to veto the bill, though the Senate is unlikely to take it up in any case.

Rep. Brad Sherman voted NO